Book Tony Winters as THE DEVIL AND BILLY MARKHAM for corporate events, colleges & universities.


First published by Playboy in 1979 and originally staged in 1989 at Lincoln Center, THE DEVIL AND BILLY MARKHAM by Shel Silverstein is a one-act play that studies the nature of good and evil in man. This epic poem tells the improbable story of down-on-his-luck singer/songwriter Billy Markham. Told in classic Silverstein pentameter and set on Nashville’s famed Music Row, the six chapter tome details Markham’s odyssey from the legendary Linebaugh’s sandwich shop, to Hell, to Heaven and then back again. His constant flirtation with the dark side of life, his appetite for games of chance, his problematic prodigious libido and his willingness gamble away the very souls of those who love him most are all explored. Along the way we are introduced to a colorful cast of characters which include a crap shooting Devil, a pool hustling God, Markham’s “agent and representative” the misfortunately named Scuzzy Sleazzo and, of course, Billy Markham himself all embodied by one individual known only to the audience as The Storyteller. Under the sure handed direction of veteran Sy Richardson, producer and star Tony Winters will take this production of Silverstein’s masterwork into the new millenium. The show features a dazzling array of projected visual effects, an unrelenting sound design and a showcase of original music that promises to make for a uniquely original theater going experience!